What is consulting?

One common question that many people ask is what is consulting (business consulting)? If you want to build your own business, but you do not have any idea how to start one, then you can opt for business consulting. This kind of service is being offered to both small and large businesses whether starting or a business that has been established for years. It can help new business owners and those who are having a hard time managing their business. They can create a unique business identity right before you carry your business into the market. Aside from helping in brand creations and planning, this service can aid businesses with their everyday operations. If your business is young, then this service is vital for you.

Business consultants are being hired by many for diverse core areas of business. A reputable firm has a team of experts that can provide services for brand development, writing marketing messages, marketing strategy development, editing press releases, brand marketing, managing start-up budgets for your business and much more. A good one can help you from the beginning and for as long as you want them to guide you in managing your business. They can offer simple, proven and easy to implement strategies that are created according to the needs and requirements of your business.

If you get the service of business consulting, then you can hire them for logo development and logo design. This service may sound very simple, but it is one of the most crucial things to do for your business. The logo will be the symbol of the company together with words that will portray your business. Some business owners start early and take a lot of time in the development process of their logo, but some still fail. It is not good to create a business logo that is similar to other industry. The main key for a successful logo is to create one that is unique and something that can represent your company.

Business done for you can help you avoid trouble as you start your business especially in the creation of logo and brand name. If you are experiencing problems regarding your logo design, then a business development consultant can conceptualize a design and make several changes to come up with a logo that will match your company. If you think that your logo is not effective, then you need some changes for it to become something that your target customer will remember.

If you choose a business done for you, then you can also trust them when it comes to the development of contents for all types of platforms. Business content is vital for all kinds of starting a business as well as those veterans in their niche. Customers and clients want to do business with companies with values and value them at the same time. You need a detailed content that your customers and clients want to read. They can help you write content that is filled with useful information.



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What credentials do I need to be a coach/consultant?

Are there credentials I need to be a coach/consultant? This is a question most of us ask themselves. To become successful business cosultant and find a job. You need some skills and preferably some certifications from bodies such as the ICF.
ICF stands for International Coach Federation. This international body has been formed by professionals who are practitioners of business and personal coaching. It is a non-profit organization of individual members and is the biggest resource for business and personal coaches. People or agencies, seeking the services of a coach, can approach it to solve their business related problems.
A business coach is a professional who assists clients by facilitating the improvement in the performance of their business through specialized coaching skills and acts as a catalyst for overall development and growth of the business.
Coaching is an arrangement of a continued relationship between the client and the coach, in pursuit of achieving the goals and aspirations of the client. With the help of information supplied by the client, along with whatever information he can gather personally, the coach helps the client to realize organizational and personal goals much faster than would have been otherwise possible. The coach does this by increasing the level of awareness of the client, inducing him to become more responsible. He advises and helps the client by furnishing him with the necessary tools, lending support in their implementation, while also offering regular feedback.
Coaching is a field of the specialist. Any organization or person that needs the services of a professional coach would want to be sure that they get a person with the right skills and competence. They also need to be assured of his professional integrity because he would be allowing the coach access to confidential details of his business, without which it would not be possible to formulate corrective plans.
The ICF has developed a Code of Professional Standards for its members. It has also devised a university accepted accreditation system to standardize the credentials of its members. This would help prospective clients in choosing the right person for their needs.
A coach certified by the ICF is someone who has received professional training by the standards set by it. They are given coaching skills according to the ICF Competencies and Code of Ethics. A certified coach is then adjudged proficient in the knowledge and use of coaching techniques along the standards defined therein. It also means that the coach is accountable to the ethics and standards set by the ICF.
There are three levels of Coach Credential Certifications from the ICF. Basic certification requirements for each level are as follows:
a. An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) requires 60 hours of coach specific training, and100 hours of coaching experience with clients. He must satisfactorily complete the oral exam and agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF.
b. A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) requires 125 hours of coach specific training, with 750 hours of coaching experience with clients. Satisfactory completion of written and oral exams is necessary. Agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF, and to continue professional development by renewing credentials every three years
c. A Master Certified Coach (MCC) requires 200 hours of coach specific training with 2,500 hours of coaching experience with clients. Satisfactory completion of written and oral exams is required. Demonstrated leadership within the profession is necessary. Also, the agreement to adhere to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF and continued professional development to renew credentials every three years is called for.



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